Memorabilia devoted to Princess Diana.
Example Citation:
Dianabilia has dominated sales here as has no other artifact since another British import, The Beatles. On last week's Globe bestseller list, books about the late princess occupied six of the top eight non-fiction spots, plus the top three paperbacks.
—Martin Levin, "Notebook" The Globe and Mail, October 25, 1997
Earliest Citation:
First, the bad ending: After her tell-all interview, the Princess is declared Unfit to Be a Princess and is taken to the Tower of London, where she remains locked up — the Royal Bulimic, the Mad Woman of Versace. (That stunning white Versace cocktail sheath she wore towards the end is on display in the Dianabilia room at the Victoria and Albert Museum.)
— "Revenge of the sacrificial virgin: even during fairy-tale time, something was amiss (Diana's tell-all interview)," Maclean's, December 4, 1995
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